Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Letter from India Pastor

Dear Kathi

Greetings. Hope you are doing fine.
This morning the Holy Spirit was burdening me to pray for you and your ministry.
I hope everything is going on well with you 
God said He is going to enlarge your territory and bless you 
Something you were dreaming and praying is going to happen soon.
So keep on believing and trusting in Him 

As you know we have just celebrated our 40th Anniversary of the Ministry. I would like to thank you for all the support and prayers you have extended to us  
We have just taken 50 more HIV/AIDS affected widows into our SALT program. 
Each widow is supported with $ 20 per month for their food and medical also so that their life will be extended to one more month. Also we have 250 HIV Children under our care.
We have 20 more applications for micro finance. Please pray for this need so that their life can be a little bit easy.

Looking forward to hear from you 

Pastor Daniel

Story of Sister Rosy who received a Micro finance
​My name s Rosy. I was born and brought in a Roman Catholic family. My parents were so devote Catholics and raised us in a very strict moral way. After my college education my parents arranged a marriage for me .We were happily in our life. God blessed us with 2 children. When I was admitted in the hospital for the second delivery of the child I was infected with HIV through blood transition. I did not know this for many years .Finally I came to know that I am HIV positive .When my husband herd this he disowned me and took my children and went away from me. I was thrown out of my house too. I did not know what to do. First I wanted to commit suicide and put an end to my life. Even from my child hood I used to pray to Jesus. I prayed to Jesus and I knew if I commit suicide I will not go to heaven. I wanted to be with Jesus when I die. That desire and thought pulled me back from committing suicide. But I did not know how to live and where to live .Finally I decided to leave my village and go to a faraway village. With the little jewelry I had as my own I left my home and village and came to Trichur. I sold my gold and rented a small house to live. From the very younger days I was so fond of gardening and raising An-thorium flowers. With little money I had i bought flower pots. But I did not have any money to buy plants. Meanwhile I found a support group for HIV patients in Trichur and came to know about Voice of Gospel Ministry that works among HIV /Aids affected people. I shared my story with them. Pastor Daniel was so compassionate and mercy to me to grant a loan for $ 100 for plants .Today my plants grow so well and I made a profit of $ 200 from the first batch of plants. I am so thankful to God and Voice of Gospel for helping me to find a living. Today I encourage other women in our support group to do some type of business to earn some money .Now I have asked another loan of $ 200 to enlarge my gardening business .Today I am so happy and I have a great hope about my life I have no time to think about my sickness .I enjoy my life .