Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Letter from India Pastor

Dear Kathi

Greetings. Hope you are doing fine.
This morning the Holy Spirit was burdening me to pray for you and your ministry.
I hope everything is going on well with you 
God said He is going to enlarge your territory and bless you 
Something you were dreaming and praying is going to happen soon.
So keep on believing and trusting in Him 

As you know we have just celebrated our 40th Anniversary of the Ministry. I would like to thank you for all the support and prayers you have extended to us  
We have just taken 50 more HIV/AIDS affected widows into our SALT program. 
Each widow is supported with $ 20 per month for their food and medical also so that their life will be extended to one more month. Also we have 250 HIV Children under our care.
We have 20 more applications for micro finance. Please pray for this need so that their life can be a little bit easy.

Looking forward to hear from you 

Pastor Daniel

Story of Sister Rosy who received a Micro finance
​My name s Rosy. I was born and brought in a Roman Catholic family. My parents were so devote Catholics and raised us in a very strict moral way. After my college education my parents arranged a marriage for me .We were happily in our life. God blessed us with 2 children. When I was admitted in the hospital for the second delivery of the child I was infected with HIV through blood transition. I did not know this for many years .Finally I came to know that I am HIV positive .When my husband herd this he disowned me and took my children and went away from me. I was thrown out of my house too. I did not know what to do. First I wanted to commit suicide and put an end to my life. Even from my child hood I used to pray to Jesus. I prayed to Jesus and I knew if I commit suicide I will not go to heaven. I wanted to be with Jesus when I die. That desire and thought pulled me back from committing suicide. But I did not know how to live and where to live .Finally I decided to leave my village and go to a faraway village. With the little jewelry I had as my own I left my home and village and came to Trichur. I sold my gold and rented a small house to live. From the very younger days I was so fond of gardening and raising An-thorium flowers. With little money I had i bought flower pots. But I did not have any money to buy plants. Meanwhile I found a support group for HIV patients in Trichur and came to know about Voice of Gospel Ministry that works among HIV /Aids affected people. I shared my story with them. Pastor Daniel was so compassionate and mercy to me to grant a loan for $ 100 for plants .Today my plants grow so well and I made a profit of $ 200 from the first batch of plants. I am so thankful to God and Voice of Gospel for helping me to find a living. Today I encourage other women in our support group to do some type of business to earn some money .Now I have asked another loan of $ 200 to enlarge my gardening business .Today I am so happy and I have a great hope about my life I have no time to think about my sickness .I enjoy my life .

Monday, June 29, 2015

Fruitful trip to Kerala

Hi Sandy & Kathi


Followed Sandy's FB posts and am happy for you guys and for your fruitful trip to Kerala.

Here in the meantime we have purchases a sewing machine for Jeyanthi. She and her mom (a widow too) and her daughter are extremely happy for this gift. You can see them in the pictures attached. You have pictures of some dresses which Jeyanthi has already made after learning the tailoring skill.

So it is a very apt gift to a very needy family. 

Next time when she visits us we can take a small video-clip of Jeyanthi expressing her thanks to the donor.

Grace & Suresh

Friday, June 19, 2015


Pastor Shibi's Mercy home, wife on left. 7 HIV infected boys along with his son and daughter 

Kathi passing out sweets

The meal after passing out micro finance loans and high protein food kits (the small room you see is a sewing room to train women to stitch clothes).

The crowd in attendance

Kathi and one of the administrators of an AID/HIV programs in a coastal community we went to.

Dr who treats children with HIV passing out food kits and a backpack to the boy and girl with highest marks in school

The workers at coastal facility, 

Our welcome drink, fresh coconut water,

Mercy center phase two under construction, these small rooms will be housing for retired Pastor/sleeping quarters for children during retreat!

Walking the property, Pastor Daniel has a wonderful vision just needs Money to complete!

I am in Dubai

Good morning, i am in Dubai meeting with old friends and relaxing before the 16 hour trip home.  it will be fine, as my friend jonathan from Emirates Air ( Jeanne Benders son\\0 will help me get good seat.

I arrived from kerela after leaving Sandy to return to Deheradun yesterday am at 6;30.  my friend were kind enough to meet me and we checked into the holiday inn express hotel by the aiport. boy did i sleep. last night we went to an African church praise program- my very favorite kind of music and worship. home at 1 am and today i go see the children of moses and Susan 93 babies) then to dinner with jonathan.   tomorrow out the door at 6 am to catch flight. i am full of great memories and have much to share. God bless \paul for his help. \excuse the errors in this email. it is a European keyboard., 

see you soon 
love kathi


Hello to you all, 

Today was AMAZING- OVER THE TOP MINISTRY TO MUSLIMS AND NON BELIEVERS - OVER  250 in the church who came to support the 40 persons ( Widows and HIV+) persons who received a small amount of start up monies for micro finances i.e.. around $50 to each person.. This means they will pay back the loan within two years and write a report to the church about their progress.  I want to return and give a business seminar. Some of the group also received the nutritious food bags to help those who are HIV+ to be able to take their meds.  The people were receptive to Christian teaching, and some came afterwards for prayers for their pain. God knows who got healed and I believe His presence in that room was powerful.  Because if some of your donations to the program, four people were funded by you. i will write up their stories ( most are going into the goat business or the tailoring one; i chose a girl /lady who is selling Tamerin ( a sour vegie) door to door plus she is a tailor.  SHe is ambitious and will do well. Also we have a lady who already has 101 plants that are growing vegies on her top floor- she will add another 101 plants with the money.  These loans will be monitored and i fell we have really given to the needy and deserving.

Yesterday we had a long long day- drove 4/5 hours one way to visit a new HIV+ group to give out food, and serve them a meal.  it was very tiring and hard on my back to be honest. One time i will do this- then i'd decline to go.  We were so tired last night I crashed so we rested.

Right now we are going to visit two Mercy Homes- one for girls and one for boys en route to the airport where we have a room for around $80 USD to rest until i have to be at check in at airport at 1 am for a 4 Am flight to Dubai. We just finished power shopping for some artefacts.  at the mall, and to get mango candy at the grocery ( its very good), and Pastor's wife gave us some scarves for gifts and now we are going to contribute lots of money to the ministry called Voice of Gospel-  in the last 3 years they have increased the number of persons touched by the church with food and or money from 7 to 1000. This pastor is amazing in his dedication; also we are paying  him lots extra for the transportation, the food we ate, the food we helped distribute, the motorcycle transport for many of the people. sp coming here costs a lot ( hotel bill was over $300 usd) but i know God is pleased with the results and I trust him for finances today and forever.

bless you all and i will see you soon. 
Full of love and gratitude for you all. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

My India Traveling Partner

This is the lady we need to pray for- my travelling, partner- Sandy- her arm is healing slowly. Pray for it to be totally healed. God is an all-powerful God. 


Sunday in Kerela

I just spoke at the Full Gospel Church of Kerela ( a coastal state in the southern tip of India- across from Shri Lanka).  - Pastor Daniel's church, the man i heard preach at MVCC.  He has such a passion for HIV+ people and together we asked the whole church to stand if they agreed to take a stand to fight the enemy's use of the virus and use it instead as an evangelical tool. He has partnered with a local non profit  called TnT who creates bundles of nutritious foods, including lots of brown rice, for HIV+ children. The 70 pounds they receive free each month sustain their lives and not one child has died since they begun this program.  Its a great outreach to Muslims and non believers and children. Yesterday I gave my testimony to 70+ HIV+ women/children all crammed into one hot room.  but it was so fun.

There is lots of ministry opportunities here. Tues. we are offering 40 micro finance loans ( most of the funding is from his Church) And tomorrow over 70+ HIV postiive women with new comers receiving the food packets.  It's amazing to see their response.

gots to go eat- time for lunch. 

blessings, Kathi.  

Some photos of the wonderful people we are meeting

Lovely children in chennai

1 month supply of high protein foods for 1 child

Director of NGO that distributes food

Pastor (Dr. Rev) Daniel and Kathi