Friday, June 19, 2015


Hello to you all, 

Today was AMAZING- OVER THE TOP MINISTRY TO MUSLIMS AND NON BELIEVERS - OVER  250 in the church who came to support the 40 persons ( Widows and HIV+) persons who received a small amount of start up monies for micro finances i.e.. around $50 to each person.. This means they will pay back the loan within two years and write a report to the church about their progress.  I want to return and give a business seminar. Some of the group also received the nutritious food bags to help those who are HIV+ to be able to take their meds.  The people were receptive to Christian teaching, and some came afterwards for prayers for their pain. God knows who got healed and I believe His presence in that room was powerful.  Because if some of your donations to the program, four people were funded by you. i will write up their stories ( most are going into the goat business or the tailoring one; i chose a girl /lady who is selling Tamerin ( a sour vegie) door to door plus she is a tailor.  SHe is ambitious and will do well. Also we have a lady who already has 101 plants that are growing vegies on her top floor- she will add another 101 plants with the money.  These loans will be monitored and i fell we have really given to the needy and deserving.

Yesterday we had a long long day- drove 4/5 hours one way to visit a new HIV+ group to give out food, and serve them a meal.  it was very tiring and hard on my back to be honest. One time i will do this- then i'd decline to go.  We were so tired last night I crashed so we rested.

Right now we are going to visit two Mercy Homes- one for girls and one for boys en route to the airport where we have a room for around $80 USD to rest until i have to be at check in at airport at 1 am for a 4 Am flight to Dubai. We just finished power shopping for some artefacts.  at the mall, and to get mango candy at the grocery ( its very good), and Pastor's wife gave us some scarves for gifts and now we are going to contribute lots of money to the ministry called Voice of Gospel-  in the last 3 years they have increased the number of persons touched by the church with food and or money from 7 to 1000. This pastor is amazing in his dedication; also we are paying  him lots extra for the transportation, the food we ate, the food we helped distribute, the motorcycle transport for many of the people. sp coming here costs a lot ( hotel bill was over $300 usd) but i know God is pleased with the results and I trust him for finances today and forever.

bless you all and i will see you soon. 
Full of love and gratitude for you all. 

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  1. Great photos! Amazing people. It is great to see you in action. Kathi - you are making a difference. Bless you.