Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday in Kerela

I just spoke at the Full Gospel Church of Kerela ( a coastal state in the southern tip of India- across from Shri Lanka).  - Pastor Daniel's church, the man i heard preach at MVCC.  He has such a passion for HIV+ people and together we asked the whole church to stand if they agreed to take a stand to fight the enemy's use of the virus and use it instead as an evangelical tool. He has partnered with a local non profit  called TnT who creates bundles of nutritious foods, including lots of brown rice, for HIV+ children. The 70 pounds they receive free each month sustain their lives and not one child has died since they begun this program.  Its a great outreach to Muslims and non believers and children. Yesterday I gave my testimony to 70+ HIV+ women/children all crammed into one hot room.  but it was so fun.

There is lots of ministry opportunities here. Tues. we are offering 40 micro finance loans ( most of the funding is from his Church) And tomorrow over 70+ HIV postiive women with new comers receiving the food packets.  It's amazing to see their response.

gots to go eat- time for lunch. 

blessings, Kathi.  

Some photos of the wonderful people we are meeting

Lovely children in chennai

1 month supply of high protein foods for 1 child

Director of NGO that distributes food

Pastor (Dr. Rev) Daniel and Kathi

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