Friday, June 12, 2015

My Journey Continues

Today we travelled ( flew) from Chennai to Kerela- a beautiful on the beach Hawaii like coastal area to meet with Pastor Daniel whom I met at MVCC. His lovely wife picked us up and we drove to Trichur to really nice hotel ( not a YWCA), and out to lunch then a rest before reconvening in the Pm.  I must admit i am fighting something- a cold plus the big D and it's just likely a result of the water ( brushing my teeth in the tap) or the food, which is very spicy and i love it, perhaps it's just  life on the road. Anyway I could use  your prayers and thank you in advance for healing petitions.  Also i am very tired, somewhat grumpy right now, but we are in another state in India which is like being in another country. While money stays consistent, language and customs varry state to state, making travel to a new area somewhat challenging.   

We are down to our last 4 days in India and i haven't really been able to write much on this blog, but then I don't know if anyone is ready it anyway. 

DID ANY OF YOU GO TO FACEBOOK TO SEE THE SUPER PHOTOS?  Sandy my traveling companion, has posted many of the pics from the last two days on facebook and i would love you all to see them. I know you don't use FB Arlene or Carolyn but you do Jen.  And knowing they are there, maybe someone can show you how to get on to see them. 

This has been a fabulous trip- meeting some really wonderful people and experiencing good ministry. Arlene you will be pleased to note that some of your money along with Lee's has been used to bless a pastor who has 3 girls, a lovely wife, and houses 20 orphans.  That alone justified giving him some seed money. But then he runs a mercy home for blind children and now wants to open another home for the children with leprosy. Yes it's still running rampent here in India and the kids are so stigmatized.  So a hundred dollars meant a lot to him while his real goal Paul is to build a home for himself, family and the 20 orphans he houses-  They want $28,000 for a concrete slab 3 bedroom house, and i'll just be you could build it much cheaper, if he weren't in the middle of INdia in the interior.  Of course transporting your materials would be too hard. 

i have to get ready for going out with Pastor Daniels wife with whom i feel very comfortable. i don't feel too good so i will come back as early as possible. but then Carolyn  you remember what's its like to try to set your own schedule when you are overseas.  it's at their mercy that we are. 

much love to all and hope/pray all is well with you. 

blessings Kathi


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  2. Kathi, it sounds like you have been stretched physically, mentally, and spiritually. But, that is what makes it all so fun and worthwhile. So glad for you that you were able to make this trip. I have enjoyed reading your blog.