Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Poor Internet Connections

Dear friends

I'm sorry I haven't been able  to reach you on  internet as it keeps crashing and I've just been sad but all is well and this is the most fascinating trip.i am  In south of india in chennai and it's 90 degrees and foods hot  too. I love it-a beautiful city as we prepare 3 meetings -1 is at  aids children's home. I will forward email from pastor of little village church in North where we held 3 hour Hiv education to many non believers. (Lots of muslims). It was a powerful time and I was so blessed.

Last night sandy and I rode auto taxi (LIKE ONES IN EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL MOVIE). India is busy noisy crowded and fascinating. Wonderful to travel with my friend sandy jackson.-she knows customs including keeping scarf over front of me for modesty at all times in public. Try doing this while sweating. But I want to respect cultural norms.

please continue to pray for our health. And know I wish you all could see this country. 

Sorry  for no photos here in. Cant figure out Internet much less pics. It's so hard. This is my first time. 

So glad to chat with you. 
Love kathi

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  1. Hi Aunt Kathi, It's so wonderful to hear that you're safe and running your meetings! We are having a great time here with my parents and we will continue to pray for your health and safety! God is with you!

    Love, Cherie